3 Day Integration


During the first holistic training, which ran last year from December, 2015 through July 2016, we invited a group of new patients in, to be balanced by the students. At first it was me doing most everything: Bodytalk, of course. Then, based on priority, a selection of the 21 acupoints with moxa, essential oils, gold plated magnets, lasers and manual stimulation. Then, if indicated, a priority based western or Chinese herbal protocol.

We invited members of the general public in as clients who really needed the sessions! Real people with real conditions: a 82 year man recovering from 2 strokes, a divorced mother with panic attacks, a man who had a heart attack in his 30’s who complained of severe back pain and insomnia, a 19 year old woman diagnosed as bi-polar who had tried to commit suicide.

These patients were seen once every 2 weeks, on the average. And over the weeks and months that we worked on them, they slowly began to improve. And improve. It was amazing! The elderly man began to walk much better and reported an improved quality of life. The panic attacks subsided for the mother. The back pain and insomnia have almost disappeared in the man who had an early heart attack. And the 19-year-old bi-polar woman has just finished her first semester at college and is doing well.

After many requests, I decided to put a consolidated version of the holistic training on-line for those of you who can’t come to Miami. And I want to assure you that even if you can’t travel here, even if you live in South Africa or Morocco or Greece, you are going to get a tremendous benefit from this program if you just take your time and watch the modules. You’ll have such a great time experimenting with the acupoints and the herbal knowledge. It is safe, it is fun and your friends, family and clients will really benefit.

For those of you who are able to travel, I have selected three-day week-ends in 2019 where we will be reviewing all the on-line material and working on a group of patients in order to synthesize all the knowledge and information from the program. These week-ends are elective, you are not required to attend. Of course, if you can come to one or more, it will great! You will be able to see firsthand how we integrate the techniques from the various holistic disciplines to help our clients.

The dates selected for the 3-Day Integration weekends are:

  • January 18,19,20, 2019 | 9:00 am (EST) – 4:00 pm (EST)
  • Stay tuned for more dates

Location: 2 Be Healthy Center | 4588 NE 2ND Avenue, Miami, FL 33137

Cost – $300 per 3-day week-end

Pre-requisite: Active Student Status, Barefootdoctors21stcentury Holistic training


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