The Barefoot Doctors Approach for the 21st Century
Holistic health trainings by Janet Galipo
Acupuncture Physician and Senior BodyTalk instructor
5-elements training

5 Elements Training

An in depth holistic webinar series that was created to introduce and demystify the use of the Chinese elements. Program will focus on the 10 essentials of each element.

holistic health training

Complete Holistic Training

This is a comprehensive Holistic Health program that covers seven (7) different modules ranging from Chinese medicine to Western herbs.

Barefoot Doctors

Barefoot Doctors

China’s barefoot doctors were a major inspiration to the primary health care movement. Check out this video from the BBC to learn more.

Some love from our students:

"The 5 elements series has extremely useful information and it's presented in such a clear and authoritative way by a very knowledgeable instructor. Thank you."
What you get with each training:
video and audio


Barefoot Doctors 21st Century is an online learning website created by Janet Galipo, Acupuncture Physician and Senior BodyTalk Instructor.


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